The Satellite War for Hearts and Minds

The United States is at war. Again.

The new battlefront, according to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is the increasingly crowded field of state-financed satellite television news. Citing the emergence of international broadcasters Al Jazeera, Russia Today and China Central Television’s global English-language broadcast, Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in March that the United States is “engaged in an information war.” And, she said, “We are losing that war.” Continue reading...

Global Media Wars is a project produced by 15 reporters from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism’s International Newsroom. The reporters monitored five state-funded, English-language TV news channels available in tens of millions of homes worldwide via satellite, cable or Internet livestream. Each channel was monitored for several weeks in early 2011; analysis of how each covered Egypt’s revolution, as well as a range of other issues, is included in the reports.

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